Ice goes Viral

Posted by Emma Nicol | 20 August 2014

Categories: Campaign Charity Third Sector

ice_bucket_challenge image

Our previous blog was about icebergs so this seems like a nice progression to write about the new viral social phenomenon that is the ice bucket challenge #icebucketchallenge. There is debate about where this originated from but it was certainly popularised in the United States to raise awareness and funds for ALS Association. According to the charity the campaign has raised $22.9 from July 29 to August 19 2014 (compared to $1.9 million during the same time period last year).

The essential parameters of the ice bucket challenge campaign are that within 24 hours of being nominated the requirement is to accept or decline. If the nominee chooses to accept they are to record video footage of themselves and upload it to social media. During the video they are to announce their acceptance of the challenge before raising awareness of the cause. After which they’ll be soaked by a bucket of ice and water, often assisted, being poured over their head. The participant can then challenge others. The initial intention was that if the challenge is accepted a donation of $10 is pledged and if declined it’s a larger $100.

Why are we called Door 22 Creative?

Posted by Emma Nicol | 8 August 2014

Categories: Branding Design

Door 22 sign

We get asked this a lot. It’s an unusual name but here’s what’s behind it:

Door: A door is the first thing people see when approaching a company or organisation and gives the first impression. Doors are the way in. We love opening them for our clients and organisations and helping them unlock the way to new audiences, revenue and opportunities.

22: 22 is the atomic number of titanium. Titanium is recognised for it’s high strength-to-weight ratio. As a small team with strong abilities we can identify with the number 22.

Creative: We’d hope that this doesn’t really need explaining. It’s simply what we are. We have created thousands of brands, campaigns, websites and literature and each one is treated with exactly the same design integrity as if it was the first and only one.

ICE ICE Baby – achieving meaningful outcomes needs ICE

Posted by Emma Nicol | 11 July 2014

Categories: Campaign Charity Third Sector

iceberg image

The most successful way to approach a project to achieve meaningful outcomes is to use ICE.


That may seem like I’m suggesting simply adding it like a trendy ingredient in a cool frappacrappacino type way but that couldn’t be further away from what I intend. By ICE I mean in the context of an ice-BERG.

Icebergs have immense hidden depth and so too should projects with the aspirations of achieving meaningful outcomes.

Your Charity Runner – Your Ambassador

Posted by Emma Nicol | 18 March 2014

Categories: Charity Running

As the marathon season approaches it’s impossible not to regularly spot the hardened runner at the business end of their training programme. Out on the pavements whatever the weather, stocked up like a overladen mountaineer with hydration pouches and gels sticking out of every pocket and belt.

On the day of the main event your runners will be physically primed. They will have trained and got their body in shape, with near to a 20 miler in the bank already. They will have hydrated carefully in the days and weeks building up to the race. Their favourite, tried and tested carb loading meal dutifully consumed the night before. A good penultimate nights sleep (the night before is always a bit too restless to count on). Breakfast forced down past the vast kaleidoscope of butterflies two hours before the gun.

But are they in shape to represent you?

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