Charity Annual Reports – Tips for Success

Posted by Emma Nicol | 17 January 2014

Categories: Charity Design Third Sector

Annual review 2014 scales

The prime goal of an annual report shouldn’t be to win an award or to cut costs and do it cheaply. You’d be surprised how many times that has been the opening statement of a brief. It’s right to set your sights high and be aspirational but either of these should be a by-product of the report or review if done well, and it’s totally possible to do both.

Obligation and opportunity

There is both an obligation and opportunity in producing an annual report. Donors and funders both existing and potential, need proof that your work is effective. It’s an opportunity to lift the lid on the organisation and really celebrate achievements and impact. Reporting on impact and change can be done creatively and effectively if the following is at the heart and very beginning of the process and brief.

Third Sector Excellence Awards – judging view

Posted by Emma Nicol | 2 September 2013

Categories: Charity Third Sector

I was fortunate to have been invited to be one of the judges for this year’s Third Sector Excellence Awards. The awards are a very popular event in the Charity calendar. More than 400 entries were received across 18 categories for this year’s awards. The category I was asked to judge was the Communications Campaign. It was an extremely well represented category with over 50 submissions.

Shock & Nurture: The positives of charity campaign shock tactics

Posted by Emma Nicol | 29 August 2013

Categories: Advertising Campaign Charity Communications

Over the past two decades, the Third Sector has become professionalised, adopting corporate models of behaviour in an effort to command attention and get results in an always oversaturated commercial space. A space where even the best, most creative and affluent organisations can find it difficult to make their voice heard. So as you can imagine, the obstacles are even greater if you’re a smaller, budget-conscious charity that needs the maximum impact for minimum cost.

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