It's our 20th birthday

We’re offering one charity the chance to work with us, pro bono.

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We have decided that we would like to celebrate being 20 in 2022 by giving something back…

2022 is a milestone year for Door 22. Our agency turns 20 this year. We have been humbled by the incredible charity work achieved by out clients over the past 20 years. And we have decided that we would like to celebrate being 20 in 2022 by giving something back. This summer, we’ll be inviting past, current and prospect clients to apply for ‘Gift Project Status’.

This ‘Gift Project’ will allow one third-sector, NGO, not-for-profit or healthcare provider to work with us, pro bono, on an agreed design project with clear success measures.

By gifting a design project, we hope that our chosen client will benefit not just from excellent design, but also by reallocating the design budget directly to their charity’s mission.

Tender applications are open now and will close at midnight on 7th August 2022.

How do I apply for Gift Project Status?

Simply fill in this application form to apply.

Why are you gifting a project?

Our hope is that awarding Gift Project Status will provide a third-sector, NGO or not-for-profit organisation to work on a design project that will enable them to achieve specific, measurable goals.

We ask that the budget that would have been put towards this project is put directly back into funding the mission of the chosen charity. 

And we’re keen to hear how it goes! 

What are you looking for in applications?

We’re looking for an organisation with a small Comms team of 0-2 people. One that needs an expert design team to make a real difference.

We’re looking for an organisation who cares. One that has a project that will aid their mission.

We’re looking for a challenge. One that will be the cherry on our 20th birthday cake.

Your objectives for the project will be one of the following:

  • To create awareness for a cause
  • To showcase activities and achievements
  • To foster the trust needed to spur people into volunteering, supporting, or making donations
  • To raise funding for a specific project mission/campaign

We will agree these objectives at project kick-off to allow us to identify the right deliverables.

Please provide as much information as possible in the application form.

What is included as part of the 'Gift Project'?

Project deliverables may include:

  • Campaign concepts
  • Campaign asset pack
  • An impact report
  • Campaign identity
  • Brand enhancement
  • Sub brand for a service or department
  • An annual review
  • A supporter newsletter
  • Awareness campaign

What isn't included as part of the 'Gift Project'?

Project activation and distribution is not included. That’s things like activation strategy, print, website design and build, video creation, animation, social media and event management, email, SEO, PPC, digital display and PR. But don’t worry, we can recommend a partner agency to support you with these if they form part of your wider campaign. 

When will the project take place?

Gift Project Status will be awarded before 30th September 2022. We’ll get cracking shortly after that and aim for Gift Project completion by 16th December 2022.

What's the catch?

No catch.

Prior to being award Gift Project Status, we’ll need about 2 hours of your time to run through your application with you. 

Then, if you’re the lucky one awarded Gift Project Status, a kick-off call will take place to agree deliverables, timings and any project dependencies.  

At project completion, we will be creating a Case Study of the Gift Project and we’ll need you to tell us:

  • How the assigned design budget was reallocated and its’ impact
  • How the Gift Project deliverables met the agreed objectives for the project
  • Your thoughts on how you found the process, either in writing or in a little video!

Tell me more!

If you’d like more information, have a read through our full Scope of Work and terms and conditions.


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