ICE ICE Baby – achieving meaningful outcomes needs ICE

Posted by Emma Nicol | 11 July 2014

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iceberg image

The most successful way to approach a project to achieve meaningful outcomes is to use ICE.


That may seem like I’m suggesting simply adding it like a trendy ingredient in a cool frappacrappacino type way but that couldn’t be further away from what I intend. By ICE I mean in the context of an ice-BERG.

Icebergs have immense hidden depth and so too should projects with the aspirations of achieving meaningful outcomes.

Because of their density (pure ice 920 kg/m³ / seawater 1025 kg/m³), icebergs are 90% below the surface. In a successful communications most of the planning, effort and work should also be beneath the surface. It’s not the part that’s seen but it’s what makes the campaign strategic, beautiful, robust and solid.

Icebergs due to their form and structure are pure – 100% safe to consume – fresh. With good insight, creativity and engagement in place your campaign your messages will also be clear and transparent about your organisation, focus and intentions.

Like an iceberg, which is essentially a large piece of freshwater that has broken off a large glacier or ice shelf, a successful campaign is part of you, a fragment of your organisation detaching itself from your shores and floating out to represent you and to engage with others. Icebergs also serve as tools for scientists and researchers to learn more about climate change and ocean processes in the same way as you need to continually learn about your own environment and change.

So what is ICE?

Insight. With insight, it’s about research, knowledge and intelligence. It’s about knowing the landscape. Knowing the audience, subject, industry, environment and possible barriers.

Creativity. Once you have the insight this enables you to then address the communication challenge and work out what the best channel/s, tone, format and level. It’s now possible to see the possible barriers clearly, opposition and opportunities and create relevant and targeted messages.

Engagement. Once the insight and creativity are in place the engagement works with authenticity and targeted relevance. Therefore opening up realistic channels of communication and feedback.

Use ICE, don’t let your campaign be just the tip of the iceberg.

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