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Charity Runners – Trump Cards

Runners aren’t all the same. Many have different motivations to running and their views on running for charity. This set of Trump Cards shows 10 different types of potential charity runner. How do you target and define the right runners for your charity? There are different ways to attract, promote and support these runners and maximise your fundraising potential. Download the set and use them to create a running team that’s the perfect fit for you and your fundraising race programme.

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How to select a design agency

Finding the right agency can be a daunting and time consuming task. Agencies come in all shapes and sizes, so how do you pick the best for your project? As a member of the DBA (Design Business Association) we endorse and embrace their best practice guide to help clients find the right agency. These guides cover every stage from writing the brief through to example scoring sheets. This process will help you work towards a design outcome that is both effective and meaningful.

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Fundraising wallchart for regular runners

Regular runners often find it difficult to ask for sponsorship when they are doing races all of the time but still want to support a cause. Asking people to bet on a time outside a PB or expected finish time is another way to help charity runners find ways to reach fund-raising targets. Here’s a template wallchart which sets out 10 second increments for each bet allowing the runner to set the expected time as the target.

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Charity runner application form

For the high profile races runners can raise a lot of funds and awareness for charities. Signing up a runner is an agreement for both parties. What information do you need to know to make sure there is an understood partnership and commitment? A charity place in a high profile race such as the Virgin London Marathon is a big investment both financially and in terms of time and it’s important you find out key things. We think these are the questions you should be asking your charity runners.

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How to manage a team and brief successfully

Sometimes there’s so many people and elements to consider in briefing a project to a creative agency that it’s often easy to lose sight of the objectives. We have created a machine (well, infographic) which turns an often daunting task into a well oiled checklist.

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Anatomy of a successful fundraising runner

Running for charity is both an honour, a responsibility and a lot of fun. It’s all those emotions wrapped into one. We have put together an infographic describing the main traits and must-have ingredients for a successful fundraising runner. If you are able to help your runners be aware of these important attributes, the result will be increased fundraising, a beneficial partnership and a healthy runner.

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