Your Charity Runner – Your Ambassador

Posted by Emma Nicol | 18 March 2014

Categories: Charity Running

As the marathon season approaches it’s impossible not to regularly spot the hardened runner at the business end of their training programme. Out on the pavements whatever the weather, stocked up like a overladen mountaineer with hydration pouches and gels sticking out of every pocket and belt.

On the day of the main event your runners will be physically primed. They will have trained and got their body in shape, with near to a 20 miler in the bank already. They will have hydrated carefully in the days and weeks building up to the race. Their favourite, tried and tested carb loading meal dutifully consumed the night before. A good penultimate nights sleep (the night before is always a bit too restless to count on). Breakfast forced down past the vast kaleidoscope of butterflies two hours before the gun.

But are they in shape to represent you?

Wearing a charity vest adds not only an endorsement of their support for you and cements their motivation to their chest but by doing so they become your ambassador and a very visual representative of your organisation. Do they have enough information about you?Quite a lot of runners have a personal connection to a charity but many don’t. Are your runners primed and briefed adequately to do you justice should the occasion arise?

Here are 5 things that your ambassadors should be equipped with on the day:

1. Sound bite
Sound bite of information about the charity in case interviewed by a roving reporter or camera. Literally a what you do and who for.
2. Current priorities
Know of any priorities your organisation has on a funding or support basis.
3. The Team
Be aware of how many other runners are running in their team today.
4. What it means
Know what their support means and what their fundraising will achieve. They will have been told when they signed up but a reminder is always worth providing.
5. The vest
The most visible and vital of the ambassadors armour.

Your runner is your official envoy for the event – don’t let that go to waste. It’s an honour, opportunity and responsibility for you both.

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