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Keep on Moving with One Voice – Brand Development that Delivers

Posted by Emma Nicol | 3 July 2015

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You may think that the title of my blog sounds like a documentary about a boy band or a docu-drama about a choir – alas no! It’s my delegate view of the CharityComms Conference – Brand development: building a brand that delivers.

The conference and it’s theme was to frame charity branding in an environment of a fast changing world. Talks on superbrands, emerging trends and what charities can learn from these and how they simply have to respond.

Kits with a Conscience

Posted by Emma Nicol | 24 April 2015

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Very few items of clothing come as loaded with cultural significance as the football shirt, and the signifiers shift depending on the team and the year the strip was released. I’m sure there have been a thousand theses on the subject. However, when Liverpool FC unveiled their new shirt a week or so ago it had a design feature which felt a little different and more considered than the average shirt. It boasts a chequered pattern with differently sized squares that is “inspired by the red and white mosaic formed when supporters on the Kop hoist aloft their Liverpool flags and scarves on a matchday.” It’s a sweet nod to the supporters and their significance that feels particularly resonant considering the Hillsborough disaster investigations.

Warning – Hot Contents (Content Marketing)

Posted by Emma Nicol | 17 April 2015

Categories: Charity Content Marketing Third Sector

Hot Content Image

My delegate view of the CharityComms Conference – Content Marketing: planning, creating and distributing content that adds value.

I arrived with sloth like punctuality to the conference due to the usual train trouble (this time it was ‘derailment’ followed by overcrowding sardine tin style) – so I missed a precious 15 minutes of content! The conference really did have the Ronseal touch and delivered it’s title and then some. The jam packed day was rich with inspiring speakers and great nuggets of information to trigger re-evaluation of content strategy and value. The themes covered ‘what’, ‘why’, how’ ‘where’ and ‘when’. Deep experts from social media strategy and charities alike shared their knowledge insight and case studies.

My main concern of the repeated ‘viral request’ for a ‘viral’ campaign as the main objective was thankfully quashed early on and in fact the entire room tittered when the word ‘viral’ comes up. It sends a shiver down everyone’s spine as well as mine it seems.

The main strand of the conference was that ‘people want meaningful content’. Nicole Parkinson from the Good Agency kicked off with exactly that statement.

“People want meaningful content. It’s not broadcast, it doesn’t preach and it’s not boring but instead tugs on heart strings, blows minds and weaves organisations into everyday human interactions.”

Ice goes Viral

Posted by Emma Nicol | 20 August 2014

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ice_bucket_challenge image

Our previous blog was about icebergs so this seems like a nice progression to write about the new viral social phenomenon that is the ice bucket challenge #icebucketchallenge. There is debate about where this originated from but it was certainly popularised in the United States to raise awareness and funds for ALS Association. According to the charity the campaign has raised $22.9 from July 29 to August 19 2014 (compared to $1.9 million during the same time period last year).

The essential parameters of the ice bucket challenge campaign are that within 24 hours of being nominated the requirement is to accept or decline. If the nominee chooses to accept they are to record video footage of themselves and upload it to social media. During the video they are to announce their acceptance of the challenge before raising awareness of the cause. After which they’ll be soaked by a bucket of ice and water, often assisted, being poured over their head. The participant can then challenge others. The initial intention was that if the challenge is accepted a donation of $10 is pledged and if declined it’s a larger $100.

ICE ICE Baby – achieving meaningful outcomes needs ICE

Posted by Emma Nicol | 11 July 2014

Categories: Campaign Charity Third Sector

iceberg image

The most successful way to approach a project to achieve meaningful outcomes is to use ICE.


That may seem like I’m suggesting simply adding it like a trendy ingredient in a cool frappacrappacino type way but that couldn’t be further away from what I intend. By ICE I mean in the context of an ice-BERG.

Icebergs have immense hidden depth and so too should projects with the aspirations of achieving meaningful outcomes.

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