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University of Brighton - Parklife

The brief

Parklife is a lottery funded sports programme run jointly by the University of Brighton and the Brighton Students Union.

It aims to engage University of Brighton students to take part in fun, low cost and low commitment recreational sporting activity.

The programme required an identity update, personality and new website to show the wide range of events and activities available. The target audience was inactive students who needed an approachable way into recreational activity. The main emphasis was inclusion and accessibility in an innovative way.

Parklife - play your way - laptop view
Parklife - play your way home page in full

Our solution

We began with developing a playful modular identity which allowed flexibility throughout seasons and if there was an emphasis required for a particular sport. We designed an interactive calendar led website which showcased the activities and sports in a fun, non-threatening and engaging way. The website was designed particularly with viewing on mobile and tablet in mind. As the programme was so varied across 3 different sites the CMS and solution needed to be versatile and completely updateable by the in-house team.

The student is able to filter the options by campus, day and sport. This makes it a really flexible way of matching activities to a hectic student timetable, making activity accessible to everyones lifestyle and taste.

Parklife Modular Identity
Parklife Play Timetables

The services delivered for this programme included:

  • Programme identity
  • Online timetable website
  • Activity timetable posters

We worked with Door 22 to deliver new web and print publicity for our participation sports programme called Parklife. Door 22 understood the brief from the off and quickly came up with some ideas to take the project forward. With tight deadlines Door 22 delivered both in terms of budget and the end product.

Deputy Head of Sport (Marketing and Business Development) – University of Brighton

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