A remote creative agency

A remote creative agency

A specialist charity and healthcare design agency with a flexible and agile team.

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We are a team of designers, developers, illustrators, thinkers, writers, runners, bikers, parents, carers, volunteers and hard workers.

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We immerse ourselves in what you do. Spending discovery days with you, we become volunteers – researching, listening, watching and learning. We do this to experience all the good work you are doing. By gaining these insights and shared experiences, we can do the best work together.

We nurture and celebrate long relationships. When we become your creative partner, we like to get to know you and your supporters, service users and stakeholders. Understanding your personality, ethos and strategic objectives is so important: the more we learn, the better the results. We’ll become your true partner – being your soundboard whenever you need it, not just when we’re working with you on a project. We believe we’re the agency you’ll want to have by your side.

Our name, our front door

We often get asked what our company name means. We think it sums us up perfectly!

A door is the first thing people see when they come to your business, and it influences their impressions about what’s behind it. Your ‘door’ is your brand, your fundraising campaign, your website or your support newsletter. A door is also a way in, representing new opportunities and routes into a new environment or space. We like to think that our work opens those doors.

22 is the atomic number for titanium. Titanium is recognised for its high strength-to-weight ratio. As a small team with strong abilities, we can identify with that. We’re lean, not mean, and an incredible team!

Our team

Meet the team behind the door.

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Creative Director

Emma's favourite quote:

Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world. - David McCullough Jr

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Dave's favourite quote:

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things. - Jean Cocteau

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Jemma's favourite quote:

Don’t look backwards, you aren’t going that way. - Unknown

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UX Designer

Dean's favourite quote:

Design has a cultural and aesthetic value beyond the mere trumpeting of commercial messages. - Adrian Shaughnessy

Joe profile illustration



Joe's favourite quote:

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. - Maya Angelou

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Joanna's favourite quote:

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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Strategy & PR

Martha's favourite quote:

You get what you settle for. - Louise in the film ‘Thelma and Louise’

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Erica's favourite quote:

The time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted. - John Lennon

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