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Bank of icons representing arrows of all shapes and sizes

The ever-increasing trend of icons and infographics

Icons and infographics are now a staple request of every project. What’s behind the rise of infographics?

Illustration of two people holding hands in a nature setting

Drawing a blank on how to include illustration?

Illustration is a wonderful specialism that can add a new dimension to a project but it may seem a bit daunting to know how to explore it as a direction so this blog explains how to consider it.

Focus on the positive photo

Finding a focus – how to add imagery to brand guidelines with a tricky subject

There is always a creative way to include photography or imagery as an essential asset to your brand.

PDF as content illustration

PDFs – a Particularly Difficult Format for web

PDFs are ingrained in our workflow, we use them every day and I’m not sure we could do without them. PDFs have Pretty Dazzling Flexibility. But they are a Particularly Difficult Format for web.

fireflys in woodland

How a neurodiverse workforce can help turn off the streetlight effect

The more we have a diversity of minds in the creative industry the more we can illuminate our world and the world we work to improve.

Feedback blog illustration

Asking for feedback (and getting the responses you want)

Getting feedback from various parts of an organisation, departments and stakeholders can be an arduous task and often extremely long winded. Does this sound familiar?

Together - how to choose the right creative partner

Choosing the right creative partner

With a vast choice of creative teams out there it can seem hard to know where to start. In this blog we wanted to share our thoughts on a successful search and how you can find the right fit.

Layout accessibility blog image

Accessibility in design – good layout is key

Inclusive design principles are applicable to everyone. Everyone can benefit from considered design, layout and visual structure.

Co-creation blog diagram

Co-creation – a powerful tool for charity branding

Co-creation can be a daunting process, but also a hugely rewarding one. It requires planning, trust, vulnerability, courage, honesty and flexibility. Tips for successful co-created brand development.