Co-created survivor-led charity brand

Survivors Speak OUT

The brief

Survivors Speak OUT (SSO) is the UK’s only torture survivor-led activist network and uses first-hand experience to speak with authority for the rights of torture survivors. It was set up by survivors, for survivors. 

SSO is a network supported and facilitated by Freedom from Torture (FFT). They required the creation of a new logo and visual identity that enabled the network to communicate to a range of stakeholders (survivors and activists, campaigners, clinical professional circles and domestic and international governments). 

As a network that exists to ensure that survivor expertise is central to advocacy, SSO sets its own policy messages and goals. The logo would standalone and reflect the network’s autonomy and independence, whilst working in partnership with the new FFT brand refresh.

SSO wanted the logo to represent its broader network and be true to their voice, so co-creation was fundamental to reflect this in an authentic way. 

Survivors Speak OUT co-created brand logo

Our solution

The network were involved in creating the initial brief together with the marketing team at FFT and also with us. We arranged a workshop with the members to get feedback, reaction and further cues and insight to develop initial design routes. This continued through further key milestones throughout the process.

As a group everyone was clearly invested and had an emotional connection to the logo. This is often difficult to navigate but when there is a trusted space to speak and share reactions, it can be very powerful and provide unique and valuable input.

Survivors Speak OUT brand statement

A co-created identity is a careful balanced process. You will never please everyone but you can agree as a group on what you stand for, what you hope to say through the logo and the aspirations of the organisation. As with all branding and identity work, colour was a very personal and subjective area and it produced some differing preferences based on both cultural meaning and collective preference. 

As a result the SSO brand has a professional representation of it’s invaluable voice and position. As a co-created brand, it truly reflects the network’s autonomy and independence whilst anchoring it’s foundation and partnership with FFT.

Survivors Speak OUT charity brand awareness posters

The logo development journey was complex and challenging but a very rewarding experience. 

The open dialogue and freedom to share throughout the project allowed the group to offer authentic togetherness and show true collective and personal pride.

Survivors Speak OUT charity brand awareness bus stop poster

The services we delivered for the branding included:

  • Co-created brief creation
  • Brand workshops
  • Co-created brand development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand toolkit
Survivors Speak OUT brand tshirt

It was an exciting process for all SSO members. Everyone enjoyed contributing in designing the new brand. This process made me realise how much SSO meant to the members and how determined they are in achieving its goals.

Natasha Nzazi, Assistant Coordinator of the Survivors Speak OUT Network

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