NHS Patient Awareness Campaign


NHS Patient Awareness Campaign

Campaign and suite of NHS stat infographics designed to explain the costs associated with GP prescriptions for medicines that are also available to buy over the counter without a prescription at pharmacies. The #HelpMyNHS public awareness campaign asks local people to help their NHS use available funding more efficiently.

A survey was conducted in the run-up to winter which revealed that 71% of people were not aware that the medicines cost the NHS four times more than buying them over the counter and 89% of respondents say they already buy their own paracetamol and ibuprofen at the supermarket as part of their household basics. 98% said they feel able to do so with the support of a local pharmacist if required.

The CCG estimates that the money saved by not funding paracetamol and ibuprofen prescriptions could provide the NHS in Brighton and Hove with either: 16 more community nurses; 108 more hip replacements; 26 more drug treatment courses for breast cancer; 400 more drug treatment courses for Alzheimer’s; or 416 more cataract operations in a year.

We designed an engaging set of illustrational messages to visualise the prompts needed to highlight the simple changes that everyone can do to make a collective saving to their local NHS.

By October 2018 the CCG had saved more than £80k on promoting self0care.

HelpMyNHS posters and leaflets are on display in GP surgeries and pharmacies across the city and NHS services are using the hashtag #HelpMyNHS on social media to communicate the facts behind this change of prescription protocol to local people to disseminate the messages.

**Research carried out by NHS Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group via Survey Monkey on Facebook and Twitter

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