CO2 Reduction Initiative Campaign


CO2 Reduction Initiative Campaign

We’ve really enjoyed working with Door 22 – they embraced the brief whole heartedly and created a campaign we are proud and confident to implement, endorse and share.

Environmental Manager – NHS Trust

South Downs Health provides community, specialist and rehabilitation services in Brighton and Hove. They set a target to reduce their CO2 emissions by 10% by 2015. To communicate this in an engaging way they involved staff by appealing to their social conscience with a balance of humour and knowledge and by encouraging positive changes in their behaviours at work.

Using an empowering, humourous approach with the slogan “There are some things you can’t change…” we embraced the idea that there are things that we can control and actively change. Images were light-hearted and chosen to appeal to a large audience showing that changing old habits was achievable and hugely beneficial.

The campaign can be refreshed and updated ensuring longevity so that it remains strong in people’s minds and actions. We were given positive feed back and results saw a quantifiable behaviour change.

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