NHS We Could Be Heroes healthcare campaign

NHS Brighton and Hove CCG

The brief

The objective of the Brighton & Hove CCG A&E campaign was to address the pressures that the Accident and Emergency were facing.

Research was conducted that showed there was a large amount of misuse and unnecessary visits. The aim was to educate and inform about the options available so people had a better understanding of when and why they should be used. Accident and Emergency should be used for life threatening emergencies only.

we could be heroes campaign poster - denise
we could be heroes campaign posters - set of 4

Our solution

Our approach was to design a campaign that was empowering, engaging and positive. We created a theme to emphasise the fact that everyone can make a difference and play their part in helping save lives by choosing the place and access to care and advice responsibly. 

The campaign shows everyday people as seen through the eyes of the NHS where they’ve been elevated to hero status for making the care choices and allowing the staff at A&E to concentrate on those who need it most. No matter who you are, if you save the emergency department for saving lives, you can be a hero too.

we could be heroes campaign scratch card

Through consultation, the campaign was supported, endorsed and championed by representatives from a wide spectrum of local NHS services and partners. We gathered local volunteers to be part of the campaign making the campaign honest, relevant and realistic for the target audiences.

The campaign was launched and executed via a wide range of mediums including scratch cards, posters, flyers, phone box graphics, billboards, pocket reference guides and an online quiz.

we could be heroes campaign online test - desktop view

The services delivered for this health campaign included:

  • Campaign concept
  • Campaign design
  • Photography
  • Campaign posters, flyers and pocket guide
  • Large format billboards, 6-sheet and 48-sheet
  • Online ads and banners
we could be heroes campaign - barbara hero pose

Working with Door 22 on our first major publicity campaign was an absolute pleasure. From initial discussions to creative ideas through to realisation the team put us at ease, took away huge amounts of pressure and guided us through the decision making process with skill and professionalism.

Head of Communications - NHS Brighton & Hove CCG

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