‘Choose Better’ awareness campaign

NHS Leicester City and UK wide

The brief

The Choose Better campaign was initially a campaign for NHS Leicester City and was aimed at addressing winter pressures facing the NHS.

Research showed that people were using A&E for non life threatening conditions. A concept was required to make people rethink what the A&E was for.

A&E queues summer and winter versions

Our solution:

The Emergency Department is for serious and life threatening conditions only and many patients can be treated elsewhere. The campaign needed to educate the community that there are many other excellent services and professionals equipped to deal with less serious conditions. NHS Leicester City required a hard hitting advertising campaign and concept to deliver the message.

NHS A&E queue bustop poster

Our solution

The Choose Better campaign reaches out to people to play their part in acting responsibly with their choices. We designed the campaign to be a no-holds barred approach to the brief and the concept was to make people understand the role of the A&E and the very real and possible consequences of its misuse.

Since then it has been adopted and used across the UK in various regions to spread the A&E message – from Sussex, Devon, Nottingham and Suffolk. The campaign was always intended as a very modular campaign that could be changed very easily for specific area demographics and shared amongst NHS departments looking to address similar pressures.

A&E use is different in all regions. To address very real pressures over summer due to increased visitors and tourists to the area, we produced a summer version for NHS South Devon and Torbay.

On both occasions for both summer and winter purposes we organised a photoshoot with local volunteers from the specific regions so that the concept was relevant and recognisable to the community.

NHS A&E entrance image

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