Patient health education visual narratives

Asthma Right Care

The brief

To create a series of visualisation tools for clinicians to talk to patients about their diagnosis, treatment choices and self-management strategies.

Distilling a complex set of information down into a digestible format that provides a platform for both clinician and patient to discuss and aid understanding.

Steer clear of the cliff edge illustration

The concept was the development of an idea from Frances Barrett – Respiratory Nurse Specialist. We worked with Frances and her team to develop the illustrations to create a series of storyboards helping patients and clinicians talk openly about their asthma diagnosis. A story in illustrational form creates an approachable narrative and format that is tangible and emotive.

Choosing the right path illustration
Getting the diagnosis right illustration
Patient pathway illustration on a mobile phone

The illustrated narrative formed part of a series of resources for clinicians to initiate discussions with their patients to ensure they adopted the best behaviours.

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