BFIRST – Charity Branding

Branding for New Charity

BFIRST – Charity Branding

Branding for New Charity

Door 22 designed our logo, website and our first leaflet, which was not only done in a most professional manner, but on time, with easy options to choose from and lovely designs.
I have now got feedback from the leaflets which I sent out from potential donors etc, and they have uniformly been positive. The leaflet is easy to read and looks amazing.
The website is easy on the eye, easy to navigate and brings across our message in a concise and human form.
Door 22 have at all times been super efficient, totally professional and accommodating, patient and innovative.
Thank you to Door 22, couldn’t have done it without you.

Barbara Jemec, Chairman, BFIRST

BFIRST is a new UK charity who provide training to surgeons working in the poorest countries in the world to enable them to undertake reconstructive Plastic Surgery. Their work enables the release of children and adults from the state of poverty and destitution associated with disability and deformity.

With big aspirations and a team of highly skilled and entrepreneurial specialists the charity needed an established brand to launch its initiative. With the emphasis on education and training we created a icon that represented both medicine and learning. We designed a charity logo that was based on the well recognised Rod of Asclepius and turned this into a pen/scalpel with contemporary colour ways.

A small charity website was also created to offer a unique request and launch initiative for founding donors. The website was content managed with clear ways to donate and get involved.


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